Jayshree Radia

Jayshree has been supporting several non-profits in the Bay Area. For the past six years, she has been the Matching Funds Coordinator for the Bay Area Vaishnav Parivar and Shreemay Community Services charities. She has served on the Board for Ektta. She is an active philanthropist supporting several charities including, Indians for Collective, OVBI, Roadds. She often raises funds for selective causes; for example, she recently raised funds to provide comforters for the homeless in Fremont and Union City.

Currently, she hosts meditation sessions several times a week over zoom to help find peace and calmness. She hosts seminars for women to improve their wellbeing. Jayshree is skilled to bring people from different disciplines to come together.

Jayshree has a BSc. in Statistics from University of Calgary. She worked at several Actuarial consulting companies in Canada and in the Bay Area and is passionate about voluntary work. She is married and a proud mother of a son.

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