Resources for Adoptive Families

Resources for Adoptive Families

The primary purpose of parenting is to raise fully functional adults who can take care of themselves and make a positive contribution to society.Christine Hammond

The goal of every parent is to launch their children to adulthood successfully. Adoptive parenting is joyous, but can also come with a unique set of challenges. Some things that can help adoptive families weather challenges with grace are knowing you are not alone, learning from others’ experiences, being forewarned regarding possible stumbling blocks, and having pointers to resources and services already vetted by others. Also, both parents and adoptees report that what is by far the most helpful is belonging to a strong, supportive, active community, whether face to face or online.

AFEC parents have put together the following resources for adoptive families, not as professionals but as fellow travelers on the adoption journey. This is an attempt to capture the “collective wisdom of the crowd”, so please share the wisdom – submit a post for Voices blog, suggest a topic for the Knowledge Base, sign up to be a Parent Ally, recommend service providers in different geographies or recommend books for the Resource Directory. Please help us maintain this site as a rich resource for adoptive families.


A blog that gives voice to the personal experiences of adoptive parents, adoptees or siblings, on matters big and small, so we realize the universality of our individual experiences.

Knowledge Base

A comprehensive searchable collection of informational articles written by adoptive parents to help other parents. Categories covered are Health Challenges, Learning Challenges, Emotional Challenges, Adoption Process for parents just starting out and lists of Useful Online Support Groups and Websites.

Parent Ally

A list of parents who have made themselves available as sounding boards for those working through challenges in various areas. Sometimes, all you need is to talk to someone who “gets it”, will listen without judgement and perhaps offer some useful pointers.

Service Providers

A Yelp-like guide to resources and services used by adoptive families.

Adoption Storybooks

A selection of favorite books for young children recommended by AFEC families.

Reference Books and Media

A list of reference books, movies, videos, websites, blogs, and other media that AFEC parents have found useful.

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