adoption-related reference books and media

Reference Books and Media

A list of reference books, movies, videos, websites, blogs, and other media that AFEC parents have found useful. Please recommend any you have found to be of particular value.

20 Things Adopted Kids Wished their Adoptive Parents KnewBook, , , adoptee-voices adoption-trauma grief parenting-strategies
A Peck on the CheekMoviesearching-for-birth-mother
Additude: Inside the ADHD MindWebsiteadhd
Adoption Nation – How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming our Families and AmericaBookhistory-of-adoption
Adoption:Empowered to ConnectVideo, , , behavior-management food-battles parenting-strategies trust-based-relational-intervention
Attaching in AdoptionBook, , , , adoption-trauma attachment behavior-management grief parenting-strategies
Communicating with the Adopted ChildBook, parenting-strategies talking-about-adoption
Love Me, Feed MeBookfood-battles
Off the Beaten Track: Parenting, Adoption, Reflections on LifeBlog, , domestic-adoption open-adoption trans-racial-adoption
One India, Many Worldviews: Post AdoptionFacebook Group, online-support-group post-adoption
Parenting Your Internationally Adopted ChildBook, , adoption-issues-by-age parenting-strategies teenage-issues
Raising Adopted ChildrenBook, , attachment parenting-strategies talking-about-adoption
Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive MotherBook, adoption-fears open-adoption
The A-Z of Therapeutic ParentingBook, , adoption-trauma attachment parenting-strategies
The Connected ChildBook, , attachment behavior-management trust-based-relational-intervention
The Data Driven Guide to Sane ParentingPodcastparenting-strategies
The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted ChildBook, , , adoption-trauma attachment grief primal-wound
Toddler Adoption: The Weavers CraftBook, , attachment behavior-management toddler-adoption
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