Provide critical skills to youth

The Problem

Imagine you (or your children) at the young age of 18 being forced out of the only stable home you have known, with no idea how to navigate the system to even find a place to live, without the means to get more education or prepare for a job, and without anyone to help you avoid the many pitfalls and make good life choices. This is what most institutionalized children face when they age out of the government-supervised Child Care Institutions (CCIs) at the age of 18.


Our Approach

We take a “whole child” approach to prepare children fully for life outside the institution. In addition to being encouraged to pursue their education, they need to be given the life lessons that parents usually impart to their children starting from their early teens.


Launchpad for Adulthood – Our 3 Programs

The skills children need to live and thrive in the 21st century cannot be taught overnight. In addition, many concepts often need to be introduced and then reinforced many times. Therefore, we begin working with the children at the age of 14, and continue after age 18 until they are established in their first job. We can support a child anywhere from 4 to 8 years depending on their career trajectory.

The essential skills that need to be taught are packaged into 3 age-appropriate programs. We use a data-driven approach to determine which skills are most required and when they are most effectively taught. We are laser focused on outcomes, and support a child until he/she is established in his/her first job.

Stages Ages Example Interventions Approx Cost
Stage 1: Life Skills Preparation Ages 14-16 Communication skills
Collaboration skills
Critical Thinking
Conversational English
Educational Support
Stage 2: Exit Preparation Ages 16-18 Communication skills
Managing Emotions
Sex Education
Computer Literacy
Educational Support
Aptitude Assessment
and Career Counseling
Vocational Training
Stage 3: Transition to Independence Ages 18-23 as required Vocational Training
Higher education
Financial Support
Mentoring and followup
Interview Skills
Job Placement
$700/child/yr as needed

We partner with organizations on the ground to deliver these programs to the children.