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Udayan Care was registered in 1994 as a Public Charitable Trust, with the mission of bringing sunshine into the lives of underserved sections of society that require intervention. Their main areas of focus are Child and Youth Care, Education and Skilling. Some of their major programs include:

UdayanGhar – a loving residential home based on the concept of L.I.F.E. (Living in Family Environment). Twelve children, ages 8 to 18 in need of alternative care, live as a unit with a mentor parent, and are provided food, education, extracurricular activities and guidance. There are 17 Ghars across 4 states in India.

Udayan Shalini Fellowship – is a unique academic excellence and personality development program for deserving and talented girls from economically deprived backgrounds. Shalinis are provided monetary support to continue studying after Class X, and are also equipped with tools to succeed through personal development workshops, life skills training and mentoring. In 18 years, this program has grown to 21 chapters in 13 states, and has supported over 8000 girls.

UdayanGhar Aftercare Program – provides “continuum of care” to children who reach the age of 18 and have to exit the Ghars. These young adults are provided support until they reach financial independence, and Udayan Care remains in contact with them through life events such as job changes and marriages.

Aftercare Outreach Program (AOP) – is a new program to support youth exiting CCIs other than UdayanGhars. Udayan Care conducted a field survey of Care Leavers in 2018-2018 and published “Beyond 18: Leaving Child Care Institutions”. This lead to the development of the AOP in which Care Leavers are provided career counselling, support for education, and mentoring.

A Future for Every Child partners with Udayan Care in the Aftercare Outreach Program.

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