Partner on the ground in India Source – CSA

Partner – Catalysts for Social Action

Catalysts for Social Action is an Indian NGO with a mission to create a brighter future for children under institutional care. In the last 17 years, CSA has done a lot of work on the ground, much of it pioneering and path breaking – Adoption Helpline, facilitating adoptions from rural agencies,  sensitization programs,  moving children from Child Care Institutions (CCIs) into adoption stream. Their CCI Transformation program has spread over four states, covering 60+ institutions with over 3500 children helped. CSA has chosen to play the role of a catalyst in this process as a way of achieving scale, with the objective of filling gaps, helping streamline processes, and strengthening institutions.

Their 4 main programs are

  • Health and Nutrition
  • Education and Child Development
  • Livelihood and Aftercare
  • Capacity Building and Advocacy

In 2017-18, CSA worked with 122 youth in their Livelihood and Aftercare Program, supporting for both skill development and higher education, and assisting in job placement. 39 were successfully and gainfully placed in their first job. Many of the ideas for our programs build on ground-breaking work done by CSA in this space.

CSA has received a number of awards, the most recent being designated a top-ranked nonprofit by Global Giving.

Our partnership with CSA includes delivery of parts of our Launchpad Program to Care Leavers, as well as broad and deep data collection and analysis (subject to all privacy safeguards) of the efficacy of the interventions. We also partner with CSA for a Digital Outreach Program to provide Care Leavers with smart phones and learning apps to improve their job and life skills.

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