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Parent Ally

These fellow travelers in the adoption journey have personal experience with a lot of challenges associated with adoptive parenting, and would love to hear from you if you want someone to talk to, vent with or brainstorm together. They are people who “get it” and will provide a no-judgement, confidential, sounding board.

The table below lists the years their adopted children were born, and the topics on which they would be happy to consult. Please sign up to be a parent ally. (Note: Your contact information will not be published on the website – only your first name will show on the table. People will reach out to you through the site and you can follow-up. Please use these guidelines for talking to other parents).

Name Family Location Topics
Gita Daughter b. 1996 SF Bay Area Learning Challenges, Birth Parents, Teenage Challenges, College  
Anu Son b. 2002, daughter b. 2004 SF Bay Area Adoption, Learning challenges  
Sumi Daughter b. 2010, daughter b. 2013 SF Bay Area Toddler adoption, Adoption process, Speech delays  
Ganesh Son b. 2016 Washington, DC India adoption process, Deciding on adoption, Barker Adoption Foundation, Pros/Cons of foster care  
Shoba Daughter b. 2008 SF Bay Area Health challenges, Nutrition, Alternative Health Approaches  
Vanita Son b. 1992, daughter b. 1998 Seattle, WA Faith based parenting of adopted kids, Older child adoption, Adoption trauma (RAD, PTSD), Academic challenges and parental expectations, Mental health  
Geeta Daughter b. 2001 Denver, CO Abandonment issues, Risky behaviors, Depression and other mental illnesses, Academic challenges and parental expectations  

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