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Post-Adoption Process

The adoption process is not finished after you bring your child home. Below are the post-adoptions steps you must take to ensure all the proper documentation is in place and you are compliant with government regulations.

  1. Your child is a U.S. Citizen at the point of entry into the country and should receive his/her Certificate of Citizenship within two months of arrival. If you do not receive this within two months, contact U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  2. Once you get the Certificate of Citizenship, you can apply for your child’s Social Security number at an office near you. You must take your child along for the application.
  3. Once you get the social security number, you can apply for U.S. Passport at a post office near you.
  4. Because India does not recognize dual citizenship, once you receive your child’s U.S. passport, you must renounce your child’s Indian citizenship. Follow these instructions.
  5. In the future, if you plan to travel back to India with your child, apply for an OCI card or an Entry visa. You can typically complete the renunciation process along with the OCI/Entry visa application. As of March 2019, there is some confusion about the OCI process for adopted children, so please check in with the service provider for the most up to date information.
  6. You may want to re-finalize the adoption in the U.S. This is not mandatory in all states, but it is generally recommended as it can alleviate any future issues since you’ll have an American court order and can get an American-issued birth certificate for your child. The re-adoption process typically costs around $2000 and can completed within a year. Here’s more information provided by a Virginia-based adoption lawyer.
  7. You will need to begin the 24-month Post-Placement supervision period. India requires the following post-placement reports: quarterly for the first year after arrival in the US (months 3-6-9-12) and half-yearly for the second year after arrival in the US (at months 18 and 24). This information is noted in the Final Adoption decree issued by the Indian Court. Some courts will require additional reporting – see your court order for more details. Typically, this is a home visit scheduled and handled by your adoption agency. The agency will then send the report to your child’s orphanage.



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