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Active Online Support Groups

India Adoption Information Interest Group

A Facebook group for people who are interested in beginning the process of adopting a child from India. This group focuses on the process up to the point of completing the home study. It currently has approximately 1500 members.

India Adoption

Closed Facebook group for people who are past the home study process up until bringing the child home. Someone from the India Information Interest Group needs to add you to this group.

One India, Many Worldviews

Post-adoption support group for people who have adopted from India. It currently has approximately 235 members. You need to be invited into this group. If you would like to join this group please message us at A Future for Every Child on facebook.

For & Of Heart Babies

A Facebook support group of adoptive and prospective adoptive parents of children from India. Members primarily live in India. It currently has approximately 2200 members.

Tangled Tapestry

A Facebook page providing support for adoptive families and a place to share and learn from experiences, particularly focused on special needs.

ICHILD Facebook Group

ICHILD Facebook group is a world-wide, internet based, support group and source of information and resources for those interested in adoption from India – it replaces the Yahoo group which existed for almost 20 years. It currently has about 500 members.

Bay area ichilders Facebook Group

This group is for those people living in the San Francisco Bay Area that have adopted, or are interested in adopting children from India. It currently has approximately 50 members.

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