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Food Sensitivities and Allergens

As part of a multi-pronged approach to resolving behaviorial and other issues, some families have found success with limiting or eliminating certain foods. Some children may be sensitive and/or allergic to food like gluten, casein and nuts. They may also be sensitive and/or allergic to substances like pollen, grass, cat hair, etc. In some children, these sensitivities can be extremely dangerous with exposure leading to serious anaphylaxis. In others, it results in health issues like asthma and breathing difficulties. But in some children, food sensitivities can also result in uncontrollable behavior or hyperactivity.

Some parents have seen benefits by identifying food and environmental allergies and eliminating those substances. Allergy tests can be done through skin or blood tests. Food sensitivities can also be tested through an elimination diet (observe which foods seem to make the child worse and eliminate these).

The food sensitivity test can be done by integrative medicine physicians; sometimes pediatricians with a more holistic approach can test for this as well. Skin allergy tests can be recommended by pediatricians. Allergen testing can also be done by naturopaths. Sometimes elimination diets like Feingold (ADD/ADHD) and GAPS have also been tried by parents.

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