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Denied an IEP?

If your child has been denied an IEP, do not lose hope! First and foremost, it helps to understand why – educating oneself about the process is important.

Every state has at least one Parent Training and Information Center that helps families understand how they should work with their schools. These centers can also help with providing a Special Education Advocate or Consultant. Although it can be expensive, getting an independent evaluation, which is often more thorough than the district evaluation, may be worthwhile.

If an IEP is difficult to get, consider 504 Accommodations. Also see if you can get your child one-on-one help. Talk to teachers and try to work together to figure out how help the child as a team. Plan a new evaluation requesting for different team of evaluators. Request for mediation.

And if all else fails, and you believe your child needs an IEP to succeed in school, a last resort is to consider filing a due process complaint.


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