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Confirming the Referral

Once your agency has accepted the referral on your behalf and reserved your child with CARA, you’ll have 30 days to confirm by signing the original Child Study Report (CSR) and Medical Exam Report (MER) that will be provided to your agency. During this time, you can try to learn more about the child and make sure you’re comfortable moving forward.

Some steps you may want to consider:

  1. Contact the Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA) or orphanage directly and ask them for additional information, especially anything your doctor suggested in the pre-adoption assessment. Also the CSR typically lists who wrote that report and you can ask the SAA to speak with that person to get more information about the child. You can find SAA/orphanage contact information here.
  2. If possible, arrange for a local relative or friend to visit the child in the orphanage. Have them spend some time with the child and take pictures and videos.
  3. Get the orphanage to conduct additional medical tests requested in your pre-adoption medical assessment. The orphanage will arrange for a caretaker to facilitate this process or you can ask a local relative or friend to help. You can choose the hospital and doctor of your choice. There are many options for medical care, but these two websites will allow you to make online appointments with relevant doctors — Practo and MedIndia.
  4. Once you’re comfortable, you can sign the original CSR and MER formally accepting the referral of the child. This is also the time to decide if you want to make any changes to the child’s name and send the appropriate forms to your agency.



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