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CARA issues No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Once you’ve confirmed your child’s referral, CARA has to issue a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in favor of the proposed adoption within ten days from the date of receipt of your confirmation. The NOC is an important document that will be submitted for the court order and the U.S. visa application.

While it should be a no-brainer that CARA will issue the NOC since they assigned your child, there are often delays in the process due to communication issues, incomplete documentation, etc.

In order for CARA to issue the NOC, it needs confirmation that the State Adoption Agency or orphanage has received a copy of your dossier and the signed Child Study Report (CSR) and Medical Exam Report (MER). You should follow-up directly with your contact at the orphanage that these documents have been received and they have requested CARA for the NOC.

If you don’t get the NOC within ten days, follow-up directly with CARA by email or phone. Ask for the person that handles NOCs and provide him/her with the details of your child and ask when they will be issuing the NOC. It’s useful to remember that you should advocate for your child and do what you can to ensure the process is moving forward in a timely manner. Don’t be shy about invoking the ten day rule since CARA is statutorily obligated to complete this process.

The NOC will be sent to your adoption agency, as well as, your child’s orphanage. Get a copy and check for accuracy of  the child’s name, prospective adoptive parents names, date of birth, gender of the child and orphanage’s name. In case of any errors, call and email CARA directly and get the NOC revised.

Follow-up with the orphanage to make sure they have the correct NOC, so they can initiate the court process.


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