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Auditory Processing Disorder

Auditory Processing Disorder  or Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) makes it hard for children to interpret the sounds they hear. Their physiological hearing may be perfectly fine, however the transmission and decoding in the brain may not be working optimally. Understood.org outlines the many variations of what may be difficult and the academic issues this may cause.

The mainstream medical system believes there are no cures for APD and accommodations should be made to help children in academic settings. Parents have tried other listening programs to help the auditory system. If changes are not seen or a plateau is reached with any of these APD programs, then other factors like primitive reflexes, health of the gut, toxin load, etc. could be affecting progress.

The following is a list of the listening programs that parents have tried to help with CAPD:

  1. The Listening Program : The program uses music to connect different parts of the brain more efficiently. This case study illustrates its use in CAPD.
  2. Tomatis Method: This is a listening program, which uses music and language to retrain parts of the brain to improve cognition, listening, emotional regulation and attention. There are various case studies for different neurological conditions including CAPD.

Developers of reflex integration programs believe that reflexes are the key building blocks of the neurological system and reflexes should be addressed before trying other brain training programs like the listening programs.

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