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Adoption Acronyms Glossary

Here are some acronyms commonly used during the India adoption process:

Acronym Expanded Form Relevance
AFAA Authorized Foreign Adoption Agency This is the CARA-approved adoption agency in the U.S. This is the current list from CARA.
CARA Central Adoption Resource Authority The department within the Ministry of Women & Child Development in India that functions as the central agency responsible for the adoption of Indian children and is mandated to monitor and regulate in-country and inter-country adoptions.
CARINGS Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System The online system used to apply for adoption with CARA and track your application.
CSR Child Study Report A report that has details about the child being referred for adoption.
CWC Child Welfare Committee A committee that decides whether a child is legally free for adoption.
HSR Home Study Report A report containing assessment of PAPs eligibility for adoption.
MER Medical Examination Report A report that is supposed to have the detailed health records of the child being referred for adoption.
NOC No Objection Certificate Certificate issued by CARA after PAP accept referral of a child. This is required before filing a court application.
NRI Non-Resident Indian Holder of Indian passport residing abroad (Green card and visa holders)
OCI Overseas Citizen of India OCI is available to those who have citizenship in another country, but are of Indian origin or those who are/were eligible for Indian citizenship. After an application process, an OCI card is issued to the holder, which allows for some preference in the adoption process and allows travel to India without a visa.
PAP Prospective Adoptive Parents All parents wishing to adopt a child are called PAP.
SAA Specialized Adoption Agency Adoption agency or orphanage in India that is recognized by CARA. For more details, check out the functions of SAA.



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