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Launchpad for Adulthood – Program Impact

AFEC began enrolling Care Leavers (CLs) into the Launchpad for Adulthood Aftercare program in June 2019, with a heavy emphasis on data collection and metrics to continually assess effectiveness of program and identify areas for improvement.

COVID-19 Update

The youth in our program have been severely impacted by the pandemic. Most of the educational institutions have been shut down. Those who have jobs have not received paychecks since April 2020. We are providing additional financial support for housing and essentials as required. We have also provided CLs with smartphones and upgraded Internet connectivity. They are enrolled in financial literacy, digital literacy, and conversational English courses to utilize this downtime productively. English instruction is provided via Enguru, a spoken English app that is interactive and offers personalized instruction based on student levels in different industry domains such as hospitality and retail.



Location and Gender

Family Situation

Education Level
No CL turned away

Choice of Career Path


Program Status of CLs

Location and Gender
Employed CLs

Employed Care Leavers
Name Company Role Salary (Rs/mo)
Raja Westside Show Room Sales Executive 10,000+
Ashu ASG2 Food Shop Sales Executive 10,000+
Sartia Trends Apparel Pvt Stitching 7,000
Mayuri Capital Stroke Investment Customer Executive 10,000
Ravina Shivaji Hospital Patient Care 8,000
Nitin KH Haria Associates Trainee Accountant 4,000
Nikita R-City Mall Sales Executive 10,000
Ritwik SBI CAP Security Marketing 10,000
Jumman Clover Graphic Designer Trainee
Pinky Patient Care Assistant Nurse 18,000
Chandani R-mail Customer Executive 8,000
Sheetal Pawana Hospital Nurse 12,000
100% Placed

in Pipeline

Digital Outreach
72 Phones
75 Data Plans
147 Spoken English Apps


Research Reports

Report on Learnings from Providing Aftercare Services

CSA and AFEC conducted a deep dive into our Aftercare program, to analyze

  • How Care Leavers are recruited into the program
  • Demographics of CLs
  • What kinds of career paths are chosen by CLs
  • Salaries for different career and educational choices
  • How to maximize earning potential
  • Drop out rates
  • Impact of gender on salary
  • Cost of providing Aftercare services
  • Return on investment for intervention as this crucial age

Read about our findings in detail here.

Webinar on Aftercare Challenges and Opportunities

Speakers from CSA, AFEC, Udayan Care, Kshmata, ICICI Foundation, and Little Star Foundation discussed their experiences in providing Aftercare, and challenges, particularly during COVID-19. The 90 minute webinar may be viewed here.



Annual Reports

2019 Annual Report