skills development for institutionalized youth Source – CSA

Delivery Model

We achieve our impact by funding and working closely with organizations on the ground that align well with our priorities.

Our strategic priorities

Work with institutionalized youth
We focus on children without a familial support system, who live in Child Care Institutions (CCIs), and need support to transition to independence. We target our interventions towards children ages 14-18 and upto 23 as needed.
Take a “whole child” approach
It is not sufficient to address just one aspect that is lacking, such as formal education. The CCI is the child’s de facto family, and the child needs to be taught soft skills (e.g. communication, collaboration), practical skills (e.g. conversational English, nutrition and health) and job skills (e.g. vocational training, job interview techniques), to thrive as an independent adult
Tackle the problem of scale
Out of the 9859 CCIs in India, a few good ones, covering optimistically 10,000 children, prepare youth well to transition to life after 18 – however, there are 370,000 children overall in CCIs. Organizations who have been working on the ground for the last 20 years to improve CCIs are able to reach approximately 20,000 orphans of all ages a year – however, there are about 100,000 children in just the critical 14-18 age group at any time.
Be data-driven in devising effective programs
Well-meaning people and organizations often fund piecemeal interventions, because after all, these children have nothing and anything should help. However, money and time are precious and limited, and we want to be laser focused on the most effective interventions to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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